Help & Advice

Postgraduate life can be confusing and a bit hard to navigate times. Below you will find some guides for some common administrative tasks, as well as links to places and people who can help.

Not sure where to start? Feel free to reach out to us for some pointers at

Quick Guides


How do I apply, pay, and get to a conference?

Includes information about Orbit Travel, travel scholarships, and approvals. 


How do I pay for research costs?

Covers PReSS accounts, cost centres, project and account codes, p-cards, purchase orders etc… 

IT Requests

How do I request a staff email address?

How do I set up a shared drive?

Where should I store my research data? 

Research Hub

The Research Hub is a repository of important information for all researchers at the university. Information about ethics, data management, and research impact can be found here. 

Departmental Graduate Advisor

Are you research student with academic or supervision issues?

The first port of call will be your DGA or School Postgraduate Director.

Student Support

Still not sure what to do?

Student support are there to help. Contact Student Support at  

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