Grants & Scholarships

FMHS PGSA offers several grant rounds each year to provide financial support for various aspects of postgraduate life and recognition of student achievements. See below for information on the grant rounds that are currently open.

For more information, feel free to contact our Grants Officer, 

Need advice on applying for a research grant? Check out this blog written by our Grants Officer. 

FMHS PGSA Travel Grant 

FMHS PGSA Travel Grant is dedicated to financially support FMHS postgraduate students for virtual conference, in-person conference and also lab visits. We are currently accepting retrospective applications from postgraduate students who have attended a conference/lab visit within 6 months from the closing date of this travel grant.

Opens: 25 March 2024

Closes: 8 April 2024

Successful applicants who have attended a virtual conference will be awarded up to $50 NZD. Successful applicants who have attended an in-person conference or laboratory visit with in New Zealand and Australia will be awarded up to $250 NZD, while those outside of New Zealand and Australia will be awarded up to $500 NZD.

Eligibility & Application Information:

  1. Applicants must be currently enrolled post-graduate student in the FMHS. Please contact our Grants Officer ( if you have graduated very recently but have attended a conference before graduation.
  2. We are currently accepting retrospective applications only. i.e. you have already been to the conference.  
  3. Photos of receipts/proof of expenditure must be submitted to show costs involved (e.g. registration fees, travel fees, food costs)
  4. Applicants must declare all funding sources including PRESS account statement, funding from supervisor/school/department, and scholarship funding. Priority for the travel grants will be given to students with clear financial need, and/or those who have not previously received a travel grant.
  5. Students enrolled in the MBChB Honours programme are not eligible to apply.

Student Event Grant

The purpose of the Student Event Grant is to support and encourage community building among FMHS Postgraduate students. 

Whilst FMHS PGSA organises regular social and academic events, we recognise that these may not always accommodate all of our demographically-diverse and geographically-dispersed student body.

The FMHS PGSA Student Event Grant is open to any student group*

We will provide funding of up to $10 per person or $150 per event (which ever is less).

Each student group may be funded once per calendar year. 

This grant is Always Open. Please email 

* A student group is defined as a group of 5 or more students, currently enrolled in a programme taught or supervised within FMHS, with a common interest or experience. Examples include (but are not limited to): 

Lab/Department group made of PG students in different programmes.

Study/Writing group of students in the same PG Level course taught in FMHS.

Community group of FMHS PG students with a shared identity or cultural experience. 

A meet-up of a group of off-campus FMHS PG Students. 

Please include the following in your email:

  1. Details of your student group including the names and department/programme of students that will be in attendance. 
  2. Date and time of your event, and what the funds will be put towards.  

We recommend that applications are made at least 7 working days prior to the event so that we can ensure that funds are available and have time to respond to your application.

Payments are in the form of reimbursements to a nominated bank account after the event. 

After your event:

We kindly ask that you share with us a photo and short description of your event to share on the FMHS PGSA social media platforms, and to help the FMHS PGSA to secure future funding for this grant. 

Note: Any information shared with FMHS PGSA in your application email will remain confidential and only be used internally to ensure that funds are distributed across the Faculty.


The University of Auckland offers scholarships at all levels of postgraduate study. Guaranteed scholarships are offered to domestic students enrolling in a sub-doctoral programmes, who have achieved a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 8.00 (‘A’ grade) or higher in their qualifying programme from a recognised university.
Click the link below to find out more about these and other scholarships on offer.

Open Access Support Fund

This is a University fund open the postgraduates, PhD candidates, Early Career Researchers, indigenous researchers and transdisciplinary researchers.   The purpose of this support fund is to align with Taumata Teitei and support the University of Auckland’s Rankings and PBRF strategies, as well as our transdisciplinary aspirations. This fund is intended to support the following priority cohorts to be published openly and immediately in high-impact journals:

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